Thursday, 9 April 2015

The AQC and an old table runner

I have sent off a collection of brooches and buttons to Marilyn of The Patchwork Teahouse in Warburton, Victoria. She always takes a selection of them to The AQC-- and this year was no exception.  I meant to take a photo of them before they went into the parcel-- but in my haste to get them to the Post Office, I completely forgot to take the photos. Anyway, please visit Marilyn at  Stand 53 at the AQC .

I have been trying to tidy up the house-- it was getting desperate--and washed a table runner which I had made about 2years ago, ( NB I have washed it a few times in the 2 years!) and whilst  ironing it, I realised I had not taken a photo of the poor thing. It is difficult taking a photo of a table runner-- and here is my terrible photo-- again I was in a hurry. ( why I am always in a hurry I will never know).

Blue table runner with elongated hexagons
Sometime ago,I had gone to a fascinating book shop in the city, and here were  some samples of tea cosies from a tea cosy book. They were just beautiful.

Colourful samples of tea cosies

Enjoy the AQC if you get a chance to go there next week.


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Happy Easter, and No FNWFs for me

Wishing all the bloggers and their families a Very Happy and Holy Easter.

Friday night was FNWFs hosted by Cheryll.

I had every intention to join in-- but family came in unexpectedly ( which is always lovely) and that was the end of any sewing. Mind you, it was like the loaf and fishes story-- I had 2 pieces of fish for 3 of us, but had to feed 5 in the end-- it is amazing what one can do to stretch a meal.

Anyway, I decided I would join in with the Northern hemisphere bloggers and sew on Saturday morning. Well did I have a shocking night on Friday night with the worse sore throat in a long time. I felt lousy yesterday and achieved very little and still feel lousy this morning. It is Panadol every 4 hours and lots of fluids and rest. Cannot get any inspiration to do anything else. So I am sorry, Cheryll, for doing nothing for this FNWFs.

Hop onto Cheryll's blog ( click on the FNWFs logo on my sidebar) and see what the other bloggers have achieved.

Happy Easter.


Friday, 20 March 2015


Last night was an FNSI night.  Click onto this logo on the sidebar, and it will take to  Wendy's blog and you can then visit the other participants' blogs to see what they got up to.

FNSI, hosted by Wendy
I was trying to work out what I should do--and decided that I should get stuck into the pattern writing for the  "Sew Happy" wall hanging, which I have been putting off for ages. It is so boring, but I did it. Went to print up a couple of copies-- only to find that the printer had run out of magenta and would not print. Of course I did not have a spare magenta cartridge at home , did I? Why it would need magenta, of all colours, I would not know.
"Sew Happy" Wall hanging
Watch this space-- when I do get the printer working, gone to Officeworks to print the photos and painted more buttons---I will have a give away of this pattern, if anyone is interested.
Enjoy the weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Projects from Norway and a Win

I always love it when someone takes the time to send me photos of what they have made from my patterns. So I was thrilled when I received these photos from May-Britt, all the way from Norway. These patterns are available from Asne's shop, Quiltefryd, in Tonsberg, Norway. In fact a new parcel of the patterns for the Blue Heart cushion and  Blue Heart wall hanging have just gone to the shop.

Blue heart Cushion

Blue Heart wall hanging
Gingerbreadman cushion
A Christmas Welcome  cushion
Thank you May-Britt, for sending these photos to me. You have made my day.

I love blog hopping and reading different posts-- and one that I love to read belongs to Stephanie from Rummage ( . I was very lucky to win a bag from Stephanie --- and it arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, the bag is beautifully made and it now accompanies me to the shops.
The bag I won from Stephanie's blog
This Friday night is FNSI, so sign up at  Wendy's blog, and join in. Look forward to seeing you there.
FNSI hosted by Wendy

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Friday night with Friends

I am a little late in posting what I did on FNWFs.

FNWFs hosted by Cheryll
I am making a quilt and it is going to have Ohio Stars. I love Ohio stars but my machine skills are poor and accuracy is appalling. I have put off making these stars for years because of that. I decided that practice makes perfect! So I cut a heap of squares and sewed these-- 1 x 9"block, 1 x 3"block and a few 6"blocks. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well they turned out-- so they will have a place in the new quilt after all.

Ohio stars in varying sizes
Thank you Cheryll for hosting yet another enjoyable FNWFs.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

FNSI, a framed cross stitch, a bag and a thread holder

Friday night was a sewing night with FNSI. Please do not laugh at what I managed to do--- in other words, not much at all!
Strips made with "PerfectStems"
I had good intentions to do a lot of sewing. Got a phone call and ended up chatting on the phone instead of sewing. Had to come up with some finish-- and I needed these folded strips for a project and these "Perfect Stems" certainly make them easier to make. I can now continue with the project.

I had bought the pattern, All About Anna, from Stephanie, of Rummage ages ago.(  Late last year, I   decided that I would make the bag --- I used corduroy for the navy part of the bag, and cotton fabrics for the rest. I  enjoyed making it as the instructions were clearly set out and  very easy to follow. I gave the bag away as a Christmas gift, and I have decided to make another for myself.
My version of All About Anna 
I had finished this cross stitch before Christmas-- and took it to the framers on Christmas eve. I have finally got it back and am very pleased with the way it has turned out. The blue wren is my favourite little bird and the flannel flower is a flower I love to look out for in spring when I go for a bush walk.
Framed Blue wren and flannel flower in cross stitch
Ages ago, a fellow blogger had said to me that she would love to have  a thread holder. She had a special birthday coming up, and I was racking my brain for what I could give her. I decided that I would get a thread holder cut out and paint it for her. I was so excited about it-- that I wrapped the present and posted it without taking a photo. I then had to ask her to take a photo for me to keep in my photo album. Needless to say, she presented it beautifully.

The painted Thread holder
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Day at The Grounds of Alexandria

I have heard  a lot about The Grounds of Alexandria, but had not been there. Alexandria is an inner city suburb of Sydney.Some friends suggested we have a day out and go there. I was not sure what to expect-- but was pleasantly surprised.
I gather that it was the site of some flour mills years ago, and it has been done up to house a restaurant/café, and an outdoor eating area, some outside stalls, and they have a few pet animals as well. Nearby was a providore called Cheese, Meat and Salt.
Here are some photos  of the Grounds of Alexandria.

Cover of the menu in the restaurant
The Doughnut cart
The lemonade cart
The Florist
Coloured roses
Beautiful white roses
The meats at Meat, Cheese and Salt
Yummy cakes
Lovely old door
A resident Macaw

Kevin Bacon, the pet pig, asleep in his house

Kevin Bacon with the other resident animals
We had lunch there and walked back through Sydney Park to the station and home. It was an enjoyable day out.