Thursday, 10 November 2011

My very first Blog post

This is my attempt to join the blogging world.
I had recently come across a blog where a group of patchworkers get together and make a project-- called SAL. I enquired about joining and was told that I had to have a blog to be part of the group. The person I had contacted is called "Chookyblue". Before I knew it, I was getting encouraging emails from her to take the plunge and form my own blog. Needless to say, I was rather slow to get started, and got another encouraging email yesterday and a further one today, and I have finally taken the plunge. What I found extremely remarkable is that here is someone whom I have not met and who does not even know me, and yet has taken the time to email , help and encourage me, and even came up with the name for my blog. Thank you Chookyblue, I am extremely grateful.
Like most craft people, I have found that I need to sew or paint to help me relax and block out the stresses of the day. I started with folk art many years ago, but I find that I enjoy painting small things rather than large projects. I then discovered that I could design my own small things and get them cut with a laser cutter. That started me designing all sorts of shapes and I have made them into brooches and more recently, into buttons suitable for stitcheries and patchwork projects.  Then of course, I had to do the stitcheries and patchwork pieces myself, and it has just gone on from there. How I wish there were more hours in the day to do all the things that are constantly being thought up in the creative part of my mind!
I am looking forward to what this blog will bring--- hopefully, many blogging friends with similar interests.
And hopefully, I will be able to join the SAL group as well!