Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Magazine has Arrived!

I went to collect my mail today and you guessed it-- the May issue of Homespun was sitting in the letter box. My hands were shaking with excitement --- I could not wait to see the finished product.
I have taken a  couple of photos and here they are:

May issue of the Australian Homespun magazine

Cot quilt--- A Day in the Country

A page from the magazine

. ( When I have some free time, I will need to do a photography course--- taking photos is not my forte--- but you can still see it here anyway).

Now I am going to make myself a nice cuppa and browse through the magazine-- Heavenly!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Great Excitement!

I am just so excited today.

It all started in about August last year. I had completed a cot quilt that I had designed and sewn myself. I took it to be machine quilted and the result was very pleasing, so much so that the lady who quilted it was keen to have the pattern to make it  for her grandchild who was due at the time. I decided that I would  see if  the Australian Homespun Magazine would be happy to publish it. To cut a long story short, it was accepted, the quilt got bundled off for the magazine and that was in November. I have been waiting patiently (and I am not normally patient), and I know that it will be out in the May issue-- and May is  ALMOST here.

I looked in the Homespun magazine today ie the April issue-- and what a surprise! My quilt is pictured in the preview for the May magazine. I could not believe my eyes.  I am still  on Cloud 9 and cannot get back down to earth just yet. Who would think that something as simple as a quilt being published  would create such excitement.

Greetings from Cloud 9,

Monday, 2 April 2012

Beautiful early Autumn days

The last summer was very wet and not as warm as past summers. However, autumn has arrived and we have had a most glorious weekend-- blue skies and great days to be outdoors. We had a family BBQ on Saturday ( we have many birthdays in April) and I could not have asked for a lovelier day.
One of the things I love in my garden are these beautiful flowers that come out in autumn-- and this year, the Japanese wind flowers have been extra good because of the rain.

When I first received cuttings of this plant from my sister in law, they were mainly white and there was 1 pink flower that appeared in the midst of the white ones. Each year, the pink ones have increased in number and now there is a mixture of the two.

The curly leafed spider loves creating their home amongst these flowers. I am amazed how the small spider can transport this leaf all the way off the ground and suspend it in midair like this.

These camellias are so delicate as well and grow just outside our dining room window. The edge of the flower has this faint pink as if a drop of light pink water colour was added to it.

I have also been madly painting my brooches and buttons for the Australasian Quilt Convention to be held in Melbourne after Easter. Marilyn from has these brooches and buttons each year. If you do go to the Show, you might be able to say Hi to Marilyn and these 2 excited bears who will be there.

We are off to Canberra to visit family over Easter. The autumn days are usually beautiful there and the colours should also be good this year.

Take care.