Friday, 19 September 2014

The winners

As I have a few sewing machines already painted, and there are 4 people who have kindly taken the time to leave comments-- each of them is a winner.

If Shez, Barb, Sylvia and Susan could email me your addresses,  a sewing machine brooch will be sent to you.
Email address is

Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Large sewing Machine Buttons and a Give -away

I had painted this sewing machine button. The button is large and is approximately 3"x 31/2"in size.
I thought it would look cute as a wall hanging on a door to a sewing room. The little quilt with is only 11/4"x 11/4"square .

Sewing machine with a mini quilt
I got carried away and painted a few in different colours. Planning to make a cushion or a wall hanging with a couple of them.

Sewing machine buttons

If anyone would like one of these buttons, please leave me a comment for a chance to win one of them.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sewing machine for the Sewing room Door and a pouch

I have had some spare time to do craft lately, which has been very nice and relaxing.  A blogging friend had asked if it was possible to have a couple of larger sewing machine brooches. When I got those cut, I had another idea. I had few more cut even larger-- as buttons-- and this is what I have done with one of them.
To hang on the Sewing room Door
I then got carried away and painted them in different colours--- blue, red, purple etc and they are decorated with poppies, roses and lavender. I have not had a chance to take photos of them and will do so next week and show them on the blog. As I have not had a giveaway for ages, I will have 1 to give away if anyone is interested in having one.
A friend came over to have a sewing session. As I am not good with the sewing machine, I thought we should start with something small. Margaret (Solstitches) had shown a link to Noodle-Head and the pouch tutorial. So that is what we made. The zipper was a challenge, but finally got there. I used corduroy for the base, inspired by Stephanie from Loft Creations to combine cotton and corduroy. Thanks Stephanie, I think the combination turned out well.
The pouch showing the lining
The base is made with corduroy
I have also been busy painting buttons for Marilyn from The Patchwork Teahouse in Warburton Victoria. I have a new ice cream button and I painted some of them.
Anyone for Icecream? ( I don't know why it has come rotated )
A Parliament of Owls (also rotated! very annoying)
Of course Christmas is almost here and I started on some Christmas buttons and brooches too.

Sleigh and Rudolph
Some Christmas Buttons
Needless to say, I have a sore neck and shoulders today. I tell myself to only paint a few at a time, but I do get carried away and spent most of yesterday painting.
We have had the most glorious, warm day today and of course it was best to be outdoors on a day like that.

Friday, 5 September 2014

A Hexagon Medley in Blues, a Lap quilt and a mistake re Postage in my Etsy shop

I have been making this quilt for a very long time-- and it feels like a VERY long time. So I am glad I have finally completed the top.
Blue Hexagon flowers
This picture shows the border and corner. I decided to make a patchwork border as I have a huge amount of blue and white fabric that I have collected over the years. This way, I would use up the fabric. Well I still have a large stash of the fabric.
Border and corner
I counted up the number of rectangles I would need to make the border, and spent ages cutting and cutting. After I completed the quilt borders, I realised I had a large number left over. All I needed was to cut a few more, and I now have a lap quilt as well. The miscalculation-- by a mile-- was not wasted after all.

A lap quilt
I am making 2 small mats for the bedside tables as well. So my blue and white stash is decreasing.
I now have to send these 2 quilts away to be quilted.
I finally have my etsy shop up and running. Only to find a big mistake on my part re the postage. It was adding the full postage for additional pieces-- which was incorrect. I have corrected it and hopefully, I have rectified all the problems.
I am sure there are people out there who are miles better than me with the computer and don't have the problems that I seem to accumulate when I use the computer. I am slow with it and have problems working out the steps. So it becomes very time consuming. Lucky for me, my son was home and I managed to get him to show me how to do more with the site. Hence, I have learnt to put a banner up for the etsy shop-- a photo of my buttons. Well I decided that I will also change the header on my blog to match. Now I know how to do that, I will be able to change them more often too.
Tomorrow is Father's Day in Australia. A Happy Father's Day to all the  dads and husbands.
It has finally stopped raining, and I will take advantage of that and go for a walk before it starts up again.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.