Sunday, 24 February 2013

Completed matching Heart Wallhanging.

We had a very windy and rainy night, but now the rain has stopped and I was able to go for my  usual Sunday morning walk. It is still rather overcast and  hence a good time to be indoors sewing. The varnish on the heart buttons is dry now and I have sewn the buttons onto the wallhanging. I chose to leave the butterfly/dragonfly buttons off this piece as I felt that there might have been too many buttons for the wallhanging. I have sewn the  light blue butterfly button onto the cushion and will use the dragonfly on the second cushion cover which is also just completed.

Heart wall hanging
Now I have the wall hanging and 2 completed cushions-- a finish for February. In the New Year, I decided that I would aim for at least 1 thing a month. Hence 1 cushion in January and now another cushion and the wallhanging for February. Hopefully, I am on a roll and it will continue!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Heart Cushion-- I need help to decide which button to use.

I cannot believe it--this is my second post in 1 day!

The weather is miserable today with lots of  rain, and wind blowing the rain in all directions. So a good day to stay indoors. I went to the gym this morning . I usually go to a Zumba class on a Saturday morning. However, this morning I just felt tired and I thought that a yoga class would be better for my aching joints and muscles. Along I went to the yoga class and the group was all assembled and waiting to start the class-- and no teacher arrived! The usual teacher was away on holidays and there must have been a mix up with the replacement teacher. What a disappointment. I did some stretches on my own, did the shopping and now it is best to just stay indoors and do some craftwork.

I had completed the cushion and have been painting some buttons to go on the cushion. I cannot decide which button to use for this cushion-- would love your opinion.

Bumble bee button
Dragonfly button
Butterfly button-- light blue butterfly
A different butterfly button-- slightly darker blue.
Would like some help making the decision as to which button to use.
I have a matching wall hanging ready too-- just waiting for the heart buttons to dry so I can sew them onto the wall hanging, so may be able to do a post on that tomorrow.

Caring with Quilts.

As we all know, there have been devastating fires that have caused people to lose their homes and belongings in January. Chooky -- had sent out a call for quilts to be collected  so that they could be distributed to families affected by the fires.

35 quilts to date..........
I looked at my pile of UFOs and found a quilt I had made--it had come back from the quilters, but I had not completed the binding. So I proceeded to do so and this is the result.
Hand appliqued hearts
I have packaged it and posted it off to Chooky. I did feel a pang parting with it, but I know that it will be appreciated by someone who has been through difficult times.
Many years ago, we lived in a house on the edge of a National Park. To prevent devastating bush fires in summer, the bush fire brigade do some back burning prior to the bushfire season. On one occassion,whilst they were doing some back burning,  the winds changed direction and suddenly the fires were whizzing up the valley towards our homes. It was scary watching the bushfire brigade standing in our backyard fighting the blaze. Fortunately, all ended up well that time. Many years later ( after we had left that area years before) another fire came through the same valley and many of the neighbourhood houses were burnt. So I can imagine how more scary and devastating it could be when the fires win out.
It seems odd that I am posting about bushfires, as the weather is so unusual for this time of year-- it is actually pouring with rain at the moment and rather cool for February.
Have a peaceful weekend.