Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I am using Lynette Anderson's new Christmas fabric to make my new patchwork piece. I had bought one of her Angel Delight bundles ( fabrics are only 10"x 11" in size)  and added a couple of pieces from my stash ( as I needed longer pieces for the borders) and have made this pattern up. The frustrating thing is that I do not have enough backing fabric to complete it today! My intention was to make it into a cushion, but now am not sure if I should make it into a wallhanging instead-- What do you think I should do?

I have 2 of my little handpainted gingerbreadmen buttons attached to the piece.


 I have to wait until I can go to my local patchwork shop to buy the backing fabric-- which  may be the weekend or next week.

I have enough fabric to start on a second design-- thinking of Christmas parcel buttons to use on it, perhaps.

The weather has been beautiful here today-- it is warming up and spring is definitely here-- Hurray!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Beautiful Orchids

Spring is definitely here. The snowdrops have come and gone and the freesias are out-- and one can smell their lovely perfume when in the garden.

I love orchids. We lived in the tropics when I was a child, and my father grew the most beautiful tropical orchids. He had his special ones and he gave me a small part of his orchid house as my little orchid corner-- mainly the ones that were easy to grow and flowered well. We pottered around  in the garden together for hours tending to the orchids and the other flowers and fruit trees that grew in the huge garden. I loved collecting ladybirds etc -- poor ladybirds!

For some unknown reason, I did not take to growing orchids here in Sydney. The most common orchid grown here is the Cymbidium orchid-- and I tried growing them years ago-- with little success. Last year, I decided I would give it another go --I bought a few plants whilst     they were in bloom-- tended them in the garden-- and guess what-- not a single one flowered this year!! What a disappointment.

Also last year, a friend brought in the tiniest little rock orchid flower and I fell in love with them-- her husband then gave me a few plants to put in the garden. My neighbour few doors down the street also had some tiny rock orchids which I admired--a few days later she came around with some in a pot and I planted them in the garden. Well-- spring is here and they have put on a show. They are only tiny flowers-- but stunning in their beauty and I keep walking outside to admire them. Here are a few photos of them.
We also have some rock orchids from my husband's parents' garden.  When these flower, it brings back lovely memories of my mum in law who just loved them. They were planted at the base of an iron bark tree in our garden. The iron bark tree died this year and we had to move them so the tree could be cut down. I did  not think they would flower this year after being disturbed when we moved them. Lo and behold, they have produced the most number of spikes on them ever!



This purple flower is called  "The Happy Wanderer". It is a creeper and climbs over everything-- but the flowers are so pretty.
I recently bought Lynette Anderson's new Christmas fabric range-- I bought a bundle called an Angel Delight-- the pieces of fabric are 10"x11"in size. I am making another Christmas cushion with the fabric and have enough left over to design a second one. The first will have gingerbreadmen-- almost completed, and the second will probably    have some Christmas parcels on them. I took some photos and when   I loaded them onto them  computer-- found them all out of focus! So have no photos to show you today. Will try again another day. There will be another  pattern    give away when I have completed the cushion.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Spring is in the Air

I woke up this am to a glorious day. The air had a warmth to it, the sky was a perfect blue. What was even better was that I had the day off as well! Mind you that does not mean a day off from the  household chores though. With the sun shining, even house work was not too bad. The blooms in the garden are just starting to come out. We have the best display of rock orchids that we have ever had-- but they are still in bud and I will post a photo when they are all out. The freesias are just coming out and their perfume is just there in the garden. I went for a walk and the sea was calm and blue-- very peaceful. 

I attended a class at a friend's house on Tuesday. It was to learn to do Japanese meshwork. We learnt the simple version using 2 colours. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hopefully will be able to master the more complicated version at a later date.

Simple Japanese meshwork

I have had a couple of emails enquiring about the Christmas Welcome cushion pattern, so I have decided to trial my pattern on the blog.

A Christmas Welcome pattern includes the 2 handpainted buttons

I am currently stitching the blocks for the SAL-- ie SKOW---am doing the Best Friends block at the moment. I have 2 other blocks to go after that and then will have to put them all together.