Monday, 23 January 2012

My completed blue embroidery-- Blue door welcome wallhanging

I have completed my blue wallhanging and thought I would add it to my blog. I have added 2 buttons to it. They are both buttons that I have designed and painted myself. I love doing the buttons---they are small and ,you gathered correct, I like small things!


I have included a close up of the door with the 2 buttons.
Until next time,

Thank you for theWarm Welcome to the blog world

I had a few minutes this morning before going off to work, so I decided to have a look at my blog.  What a surprise I had! I could not get over the number of people who have visited the blog; and even more surprised at the number who have left me some beautiful comments. What a lovely Welcome I have received from Blogland.  I was nearly late for work!
Thank you very much to Everyone who has visited and left me comments. The Welcome is so warm and friendly. I feel as if I am being accepted into a lovely family.
I will take my time and visit each blog as well--- but I do need a bit of time to do so.
 I know I do spend a bit of each day on the computer checking emails etc. Now I will have blogs I can look forward to visiting as well.
I realise I have committed myself to starting a new quilt by joining SAL and a thought has just struck me--- when am I EVER going to have the time to do all this???

Saturday, 21 January 2012

I have joined the S-A-L group

What got me started in the blog world was the fact that I needed a blog to join in the S-A-L group. It is a big learning curve for me attempting this feat.
The great news is that now I have been invited to join The S-A-L ladies!.
I will have to look at my stash and get out the fabrics and start on the quilt-- luckily, I have the book already as I had bought it at the Darling Harbour Show in June 2011.
It is lovely to be able to chat to like minded ladies with similar interests in craft. In my home and working world, unfortunately, I do not know many people who are craft minded. Craft takes me to a different level of thinking and helps me relax and I am sure  all you craft minded people know what I mean.
I am looking forward to this new journey!

Monday, 16 January 2012

New Embroidery Threads

Before Christmas I decided to treat myself to a Christmas present of some variegated embroidery threads. I have embroidered in the past using the Cottage Garden Threads and have enjoyed using them. So I ordered a smorgasboard collection of these threads and was absolutely delighted when they arrived just before Christmas. What a treat!

These threads can be viewed at if you are interested in seeing the variety of threads that are available.

I had also gone to my local patchwork shop before Christmas and found some beautiful blue fabrics and one of the blue threads matched these fabrics perfectly. So I have started on a small wallhanging .


My hobby is to design and paint wooden buttons and brooches and this wallhanging will have one of my painted buttons on it when I have finished it.
I will go back to my embroidery now and hopefully will soon have a posting of the completed wallhanging.
Cheers, Yvonne

Friday, 6 January 2012

Slow progress with entering the blog world.

I have been stuck for ages, not quite able to get this blog going. My son has come home this weekend, and he has helped me add a header to my site.
 He has recently moved to the country for work ( he is working as a country vet ), and I decided to make him a quilt and I have made him this quilt using the "Pure"series of fabrics and just did a mix and match and am very pleased with the result. I think that he is pleased with it too.

My next step is to learn other things I can do with the blog. Would love to get tips re this process please.