Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013

We caught the train to The  Sydney Royal Easter Show onThursday. It was a rather warm day ( compared to past Easter shows which were usually later in April and cooler). I always love the excitement of the Show-- there is a special feeling there. Thankfully, we did not have to go into the crowded Showbag pavilion this time as we did not have any little children with us. ( when our kids were little, this was the first place they wanted to go to, and then we would have all these huge show bags to carry around with us for the rest of the day!).

Here are the photos taken at the Show.

Entrance to the Show
An interesting turkey
Cows waiting to be milked
Some of the quilts in the Craft pavilion
Folk art items
My proud moment!( Had to put it in again!!)

Beautiful embroidery
Gorgeous miniature works of art
Pig racing-- cutest little pigs wearing tutus
My favourite-- wood chopping competition
The fruit and vegetable displays
I thoroughly enjoyed the day and am looking forward to going to the Easter Show again next year.


Thursday, 28 March 2013

What did I find at the Easter Show?

Today, my husband and I caught the train and had a day at the Royal Easter Show. We both enjoyed it, but are now home feeling exhausted as it was a rather hot day.

We split up at the Craft pavilion-- he went to see the Homewares and I, needless to say, went to the craft section. I was walking around looking at all the quilts, when I was gobsmacked! There looking at me, with a ribbon on it, was my "Day in the Country" Wallhanging. Not mine, but my pattern made up with my handpainted buttons on it and a ribbon which said "3rd prize". I just stood there staring at it, not quite believing my eyes.

"A Day in the Country"Wallhanging with a 3rd prize ribbon
My version of the above wallhanging
Now I am home, I have come back down to earth again. We did lots of walking and saw the animals and the cutest pigs, the woodchopping etc. Now I am exhausted and need to sit with my feet up!
I will do another post this weekend with photos I have taken at the Easter Show.
Have a Happy Easter.


Thursday, 7 March 2013

First gum blossom

When we moved into our house almost 27 years ago, we had a gorgeous iron bark tree in the garden. When it flowered, the bees could be heard buzzing for hours in the tree, and after awhile, they would appear drunk from the nectar and on the ground. The poor dogs could not leave them alone, and often got stung by the bees. Last year, out of the blue, the tree just died.

So recently, we went to the nursery to get a new eucalypt for the garden. We planted it and nurtured it, but weren't prepared for the burning heat we got in January. We came home to find the few leaves on the plant burnt. Despite that, the bunch of buds on the tree continued to grow-- albeit slowly, but surely. The nurseryman advised us to cut the buds off to give the tree a helping hand, but we just could not cut the buds off. Finally, one of the buds has opened.

1st gum blossom
2nd bud about to open-- it has a tiny cap on it that is about to pop off and the blossom spikes are all neatly tucked inside it ready to unfold. The burnt leaf can be seen in the background.
We are hoping that the poor tree will recover from the damage caused by the hot January weather. We have since bought a different eucalypt to add to the garden as well. So in a few years, we will get shade again in our backyard.