Sunday, 12 February 2012

A New Look

My son was home for the weekend and I took the opportunity to get him to help me with my blog. Before I could get him to do anything, he decided that my blog needed some colour and gave it the background that is there now!

I have come across many new blogs since joining the blogging world and have noticed that there are other craft minded people who love to design new things as part of their hobby, and use their blog to promote their designs.I have had email contact with a couple of bloggers who have done this,and their comments have been very encouraging.So I have decided that I would like to give it a try as well.

My son has set up the page titles--- looks good doesn't it ? However, they are empty at the moment. I need to get some things together, photograph them etc. That in itself will be another challenge, then I will have to wait for him to get back home again and set them up and show me how to do it all! My computer skills (or lack of) certainly gives my age bracket away!! I look on it as a challenge to learn more computer skills, even though it is at the pace of a tortoise--- I guess slow and steady wins the race.


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Jan Maree said...

Don't feel so bad - you are not alone but you are lucky to have your son to help you! Can I borrow him?