Friday, 13 July 2012

Tour de Fibre 2012 -- more sewing

I could not help but start a new project! It had been raining on the weekend and sewing is a good activity when it rains. Instead of working on my current project-- I started a new one. I was in a Christmas mood, so I started with some Christmas fabrics.

I had bought Anni Down's new Christmas fabric range at the Darling Harbour Show in June and decided to use a few colours from it in combination with some from my stash. I started with an applique centre which will then have 2 of my buttons on it to complete it , and then worked on the piecing around it-- working out the design as I went. Machine work is not my forte, so I dceided I would challenge myself and try it.

 3 Eight pointed star 4"blocks-- they were a challenge alright!

Then I needed 1"blocks for the border.

I was cutting and joining and unpicking ( with lots of muttering under my breath) when my DH walked by. He had this look on his face which implied that I was totally crazy and he could not understand why I had to cut these big pieces of fabric up into small pieces and then join them up again. No wonder I was getting frustrated when the joins weren't right!

I have finally almost finished the top-- I have to decide if it will be a small wall hanging, or a cushion-- that is the decision now. Hopefully, will complete it this weekend and will put a photo on the blog shortly.

I went out into the garden for some fresh air to clear my head after all the unpicking I had to do-- and found this hanging from a branch of a Bottle brush shrub.

A cocoon-- I wonder what will emerge from it?

The pansys and violas have not done too well this year-- I think because it has been too wet for them. But this little plant does look rather nice--- the subtle purple shadeing at the edge is like watercolour.

The sky is blue today. I will have to go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.
Enjoy your weekend.

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Tatkis said...

Hi Yvonne,
Hope you have a great weekend!
These fabrics and blocks looks so beautiful!