Monday, 15 October 2012

Sheep, a tiny treasure chest and an overseas parcel

My daughter and I had a few days in the country, visiting my son. The country side was looking very pretty. The canola flowers had past their peak colours, but still looked pretty.  I just loved taking a drive and looking at the patchwork of colours around me, and of course, the cute little lambs next to their mothers--- some feeding and their little tails whirling around as they fed.

Lamb having a feed
This ram was standing in the shade
Ruins of an old corrugated iron chapel
Wildflowers growing on the side of the road
Pretty yellow ones
This tiny flower was growing in the dirt

Tha canola when I was there in September 2011
The scenery reminded me of the patchwork cot quilt and wallhanging I had made. It was difficult getting the yellow fabric to match the canola.
One of the panels of my wallhanging
Tatyana, (  a friend I have made  through blogging, makes lovely bead work. I bought these stitch markers that she had made from her etsy shop. But I also had a lovely surprise when they arrived, as they were accompanied by this gorgeous treasure chest. It is only 4cm x 3cm and painted in a similar style to the Zhostovo folk art. I had attempted painting this style many years ago, but found that I preferred other styles of painting instead. Tatyana had a recent trip to Russia to visit her family and bought this as a gift. Thank you very much, Tatyana.

4 little stitch markers and the tiny chest
 Recently, I received an email all the way from Norway. Asne, the owner of Quiltefryd in Tonsberg, Norway ( contacted me to see if she could have some of my patterns for her shop. Of course she could! So I have taken a parcel to the post office and my patterns are winging their way to Norway.
The weather is warm and sunny today. Great day to air the house and dry the washing. I guess it is back to the household chores now.


Koala said...

Hello Yvonne, I'm happy to find your blog, your designs are beautiful! Tatiana, who is my friend too, told me about it :-) Love your photos of the country side!

Hanne said...

How cool that your patterns will be sold in Åsne's shop :-)

Houseelf said...

Big congratulations on the order for a Norwegian shop. I hope it is the 1st of many! I have a couple of your designs with gorgeously painted buttons so can vouch for the quality.

What a beautiful presnt with your etsy order. That was so kind of Tatiana.

Radka said...

Lovely present from your friend, a real treasure. I love the quilt block, so pretty :-)

Tatkis said...

I'm so glad you like my bead markers and this little chest!
You quilt is sooo cosy and sweet!

Love those spring photos!


Annik-Snor said...

Nice to get your patterns in Norway. Love your little panel and the pics of the sheep

Anonymous said...

how cute is that baby lamb Yvonne and well done with your patterns going o/s.Tatkis does beautiful work,i was lucky enough to win a beaded purse that she had made and its just gorgeous.xx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Great country shots Yvonne and lovely gift from Tatyana! Congrats on the overseas order...I hope there are many more xo

Solstitches said...

What a lovely post Yvonne.
I enjoyed the pictures from your trip and I love your quilted wall hanging.
What a lovely gift from Tatyana.
Congratulations on having your patterns on sale in Norway!