Friday, 22 February 2013

Heart Cushion-- I need help to decide which button to use.

I cannot believe it--this is my second post in 1 day!

The weather is miserable today with lots of  rain, and wind blowing the rain in all directions. So a good day to stay indoors. I went to the gym this morning . I usually go to a Zumba class on a Saturday morning. However, this morning I just felt tired and I thought that a yoga class would be better for my aching joints and muscles. Along I went to the yoga class and the group was all assembled and waiting to start the class-- and no teacher arrived! The usual teacher was away on holidays and there must have been a mix up with the replacement teacher. What a disappointment. I did some stretches on my own, did the shopping and now it is best to just stay indoors and do some craftwork.

I had completed the cushion and have been painting some buttons to go on the cushion. I cannot decide which button to use for this cushion-- would love your opinion.

Bumble bee button
Dragonfly button
Butterfly button-- light blue butterfly
A different butterfly button-- slightly darker blue.
Would like some help making the decision as to which button to use.
I have a matching wall hanging ready too-- just waiting for the heart buttons to dry so I can sew them onto the wall hanging, so may be able to do a post on that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne you know they all look great but i think my favourite is the lighter blue butterfly,good luck with choosing and by the way that is one very cute cushion.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

so pretty but I choose the light blue one too.........

Koala said...

They all beautiful, but i am for the dragonfly :-) It is more unusual, it' beautiful, it looks like it has just stopped near the flowers to have a look :-)

Tatkis said...

What a lovely pillow!
I vote for a dragonfly or a darker butterfly!


Solstitches said...

I think you're going to be more confused than ever Yvonne :)
I like the darker blue butterfly.
Actually the pillow is gorgeous and no matter which button you choose it will be lovely.