Sunday, 1 September 2013

Spring is here

We have had a beautiful day today here in Sydney. Spring is well and truly here and the flowers are all out and the scent of freesias  in our garden is a constant reminder that the warmer weather is here.
My birthday was ages ago, and I received this gorgeous gift for my birthday from a blogging friend, Margaret, who lives in Spain. The sewing is exquisite and I just love them.  I meant to blog about it, but having been away from blogging for awhile, it slipped my mind. However, it is better late than never, and here is a big Thank You to Margaret ( for these lovely gifts which I am using  and will treasure always.
Gifts from Margaret
The lawn in the garden has the spring grasses growing and the rosellas love them. The rosellas are timid birds so they are not often seen close up in the garden like this.
A crimson rosella in the garden
We do hope that the lovely weather continues as my daughter is getting married next weekend and the wedding ceremony will be held outdoors.
Until next time,


Chookyblue...... said...

Margaret makes gorgeous gifts.......

Grethe said...

Nice birthday present for you Yvonne! Wishing you all the best of luck on the wedding day for your daughter next week :))

Anonymous said...

wonderful gifts you got Yvonne and we have lots of those birds at home as well,they are very pretty.xx

Klarafina said...

What a lovely gift :) You are so lucky beeing able to see such beautiful birds :)

Solstitches said...

I'd be over the moon to see such an exotic bird in my garden.
How beautiful it is.
It was a pleasure to make the needlebook for you - glad you like it.
Not long now til the wedding.

Sysnella said...


Tatkis said...

Such wonderful gifts from Margaret!

I'm sure everything will be perfect next week!


Radka said...

I love your present, it's beautiful!

Houseelf said...

What an amazing shot of the bird! Gorgeous colours. What a kind friend to send such a lovely set. It looks beautiful.