Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Nestling

We have a Tuckeroo tree in our front yard, and this year, we have a little nest in it. I watched as the Wattlebird parents frantically search for food to feed this very fast growing nestling, and the nestling, very quickly, outgrows the size of its parents!

The nestling, is not a Wattlebird baby, but a Koel.


Koel baby
The Wattle bird is a native bird and lives around her all year round. It has 2 sets of nests each year--thankfully, otherwise   there would not be any wattlebirds left .
The first nest is built is early spring and produces their own offspring. The second nest is built in Oct/Nov and usually produces a Koel baby.

Koels are migratory birds. They fly here each year from Asia ( New Guinea and Indonesia) and usually arrive in early October. They are cuckoos--- laying their eggs in other birds' nests. The koel usually lays their egg in the Wattle bird's nest, and when that egg hatches, that nestling kicks out the other eggs and nestlings and is the only one left. It grows very quickly and ends up being double the size of the parents--- and yet the parents are not aware that it is not their own baby. Rather amazing, I think. Because it needs so much food, the Wattlebird parents are frantic, flying around looking for food for this permanently hungry creature.
The koels then leave this area in March and migrate back to Asia.

This year, we have had nestlings from the Wattlebird, Koel, Butcherbird, noisy Miners, and Rainbow Lorikeets visiting our yard. The Magpies that live here have not had a baby this year-- the first year that that has happened. Some other creature must have raided their nest. Poor things.

Until the next post. Hopefully, I would have had a chance to go through my UK photos and do a post on our UK holiday.



Anonymous said...

thankyou for sharing i found your post very interesting Yvonne,hope you have a lovely day.xx

Koala said...

It is amazing, thank you, Yvonne! I knew about cockoo birds, but never heard about other birds nestling twice... Really interesting :-)

Solstitches said...

How fun to be able to observe all these different species of birds in your garden.
There are a lot of magpies around here. They make quite a racket. There was a stand off between two magpies and a lone squirrel one time. Such fun to watch :)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

That is amazing Yvonne...a very interesting read!