Friday, 14 November 2014

Christmas Hearth design

I had started this design last week when I sewed with the FswFs group. I have completed the embroidery, but have not decided what to do with it as yet.
Finished embroidery
with 3 red stockings
with a blue stocking
I am not sure why the photos have that wrinkly look to it as the fabric does not actually look like that at all. I think if you click on each photo individually, the photo will look better.
I think the embroidery looks fine just on its own. If anyone would like the pattern for the embroidery-- I am going to attempt to put it on the sidebar-- and hopefully you can download it from that. Can you please tell me if it works, as I have not done this before and am taking a big leap, and giving it a try.
After ages at attempting the above ( with a lot of cursing and swearing under my breath--------)--
 Forget what I just wrote there-- because it did not work. I scanned the image into the computer and when I went to put it in my side bar, the computer said that the image was not in a recognisable format! So I thought I would add it to the main body-- but that failed as well as it does not recognise my scanned picture as an image.
So, if someone out there has scanned a drawing and put it in the side bar and it worked-- please give me directions of how I can do it too.
In the meantime, if you would like the pattern please email me and I will see if I can email the pattern to you instead. Hopefully that works!!
I feel really dumb when I do anything like this on the computer-- it makes me cranky and frustrated because I don't know how to do it when everyone else seems to be able to do these effortlessly!! I master one thing, Hurray! Then I try the next and Failure!!

I was obviously in a cranky mood  and was venting my annoyance at my poor computer skills. DH decided that he would give it a try and Bingo!-- we now have it in the side bar. He scanned it in as a jPeg and it worked. I hope. Please tell me if you can click on the picture and print the pattern and if the image comes out clear.


Flickenstichlerin said...

Dear Yvonne,
lovely pattern, what a neat design, I like the buttons on it as well. Mostly the one with the blue button in the middel.
I was not able to click on the design and download. Don't know, because I have done JPEG before and it worked.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne I would love a copy of this,it's such a gorgeous design,I will ask my friend Chez if she can help you with the computer.xx

Anonymous said...

Cheryll here... Did you save it as a JPEG file? That means did you add .jpeg after the file name? Just a thought!

Radka said...

I find most things I do on the computer is a question of trial and error, LOL!
It is a lovely design, Yvonne, I will try to download it. I don't think there is a chance I get around to doing it this year, but it is too good to miss :-)
Thank you for your generosity,

Christine M said...

Hi Yvonne. I love your fire hearth with the 3 red stockings. Although it looks wonderful without them too. I tried the sidebar link and it works. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm adding this to my to do list!

Houseelf said...

Such a lovely way to show the buttons off. Thanks for sharing the stitchery design. The buttons are even more super-cute in real life.

Ondrea said...

Your stitchery is absolutely gorgeous!Those buttons really finish it off beautifully. Thanks for sharing your design with us. I haven't tried downloading it yet but am eager to do so. My stitcheries always appear wrinkly like yours do on my blog for some unknown reason.

Tatkis said...

Adorable stitching, love the result with stockings!