Saturday, 9 May 2015

Victorian Holiday-- Part 2

The next stop was Bendigo. It is a great town built with the wealth from gold mining years ago. We went on the tram that runs through the old part of town-- well worth going on the ride.
Fountain in Bendigo
Tram in Bendigo

I found a patchwork shop in Bendigo. It is called Lil Blokes in View Street. I thought it was a delightful shop-- carried the sort of fabrics I love. I have added it to my list of favourite patchwork shops. I was so busy buying up in the shop, I forgot to take a photo-- very annoyed with myself for doing that.

A pennyfarthing in a café at Eaglehawk, decorated with poppies for Anzac Day.
In a shop window in Healesville
Marilyn, from The Patchwork Teahouse , has been stocking my brooches and buttons for years, and when we found ourselves in the Yarra valley, of course I had to go and meet her and visit the shop too. We arrived and had such a warm welcome and were given homemade scones with homemade jam and cream. They were delicious and I found out that Gary, Marilyn's husband, had made them that morning. We chatted and chatted, and of course I had to browse and needless to say, found lots of fabrics there. It is a real pity that it is not my local shop. It was fabulous meeting Marilyn in person. After that we found a delightful walk just behind the shop, called The River walk-- along the Yarra River. So if you do visit the Patchwork Teahouse, make sure you have either morning tea or lunch there, give yourself lots of time to browse (as it is a large shop with lots of goodies) and then take yourself for a walk behind the shop.
View inside The Patchwork teahouse
The Patchwork teahouse
The Yarra River behind the shop

Wildflowers growing on the river banks
 The next day we visited Mandurah Reservoir near Healesville, and did walks in the area.

Mandurah Reservoir in the morning with lots of cloud cover

Reflection in the Mandurah Reservoir

Donnelly's Weir

The autumn colours

We stayed in a B+B in Healesville. Every time we were home, we had this little visitor. She wanted to stay there the whole time including sharing our bed! We had to put her out at night-- felt bad as it was cold, but I am sure she had a lovely home nearby-- as she was well looked after.
A cat visitor

We drove to Avalon to catch our flight home to Sydney. As we had some spare time, we drove to Geelong and had fish and chips along the shoreline. There were lots of these carvings along the promenade.
The bollards on the promenade in Geelong
Here are the things I bought whilst in Victoria.
From The Village Patch in Maldon

From Lil Blokes in Bendigo

My goodies from The Patchwork Teahouse
 Wishing all mothers a Very Happy Mother's Day.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Lovely holidays pics Yvonne....will have to go there one day! Great shopping too! Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne,wow lovely pics,Thankyou for sharing your lovely holiday ,you went to some lovely spots xx

Christine M said...

You certainly got to a lot of places, Yvonne. Lovely purchases. I don't get to Marilyn's very often but it is always lovely to visit. Happy Mother's Day to you too.

Cheryll said...

Great pic's of places visited & purchases.. Thanks for sharing!
LoVe the Patchwork TeaHouse...will definitely go visit there next trip down south! xox

Flickenstichlerin said...

Dear Yvonne,
the pictures look marvelous, must have been such a nice holiday.

Kaylee said...

Great holiday photos. A great haul of awesome fabrics there..