Friday, 6 January 2012

Slow progress with entering the blog world.

I have been stuck for ages, not quite able to get this blog going. My son has come home this weekend, and he has helped me add a header to my site.
 He has recently moved to the country for work ( he is working as a country vet ), and I decided to make him a quilt and I have made him this quilt using the "Pure"series of fabrics and just did a mix and match and am very pleased with the result. I think that he is pleased with it too.

My next step is to learn other things I can do with the blog. Would love to get tips re this process please.


Chookyblue...... said...

lovely quilt Yvonne...........I sure he loves it............glad he is able to help you out with the blog a bit...........looks good with the header pic..........just get into it and you will work things out as you go...........have fun

Anonymous said...

Lovely quilt Yvonne and welcome to SAL as well.

Shiralee Stitches said...

Ooh I love these colours....just lovely, Yvonne.

Tatkis said...

This quilt is beautiful! I'm sure your son would treasure it!


Jan Maree said...

Hi Yvonne,
you are doing great so far - love the quilt and I am sure so will your son. Re blogging, get into the habit of visiting other blogs and you will get lots of ideas for your own, something you will like and some you won't and some will be over whelming but eventually you will work out what you want to do and always remember, bloggers tend to be very encouraging so don't be afraid to give it a go!

Isabella said...

Love your son's quilt and wellcome to blogland

Love Bears All Things said...

Welcome to the blogging will love all the new friends you'll make, the tutorials you find and the swaps and craft-a-longs you can join.
I have been blogging since 2006 and have been a member of SAL from the onset. Welcome to the group. It is good to post and comment on that site as we encourage each other.
Blogging is like having pen pals all over the world. As you visit other bloggers, you can decide to follow some and when you do, you will see the notice of their recent posts on your reader page. Just sign in to your blog,hit the orange and white B in the upper left corner, it will take you to the correct page, scroll down and find all the blogs you are following. This is where you choose the ones to follow. When you're up on their page, copy and past their blog address to the prompt you get when you click on add. Good luck and come back if you have questions.
Mama Bear

Deb R said...

Welcome to Blogland. I am a keen follower of the SAL blog and have made some lovely friends along the way. One day I will join, but for now IM happy to watch everyones progress. Enjoy your journey
Deb :)