Monday, 23 January 2012

Thank you for theWarm Welcome to the blog world

I had a few minutes this morning before going off to work, so I decided to have a look at my blog.  What a surprise I had! I could not get over the number of people who have visited the blog; and even more surprised at the number who have left me some beautiful comments. What a lovely Welcome I have received from Blogland.  I was nearly late for work!
Thank you very much to Everyone who has visited and left me comments. The Welcome is so warm and friendly. I feel as if I am being accepted into a lovely family.
I will take my time and visit each blog as well--- but I do need a bit of time to do so.
 I know I do spend a bit of each day on the computer checking emails etc. Now I will have blogs I can look forward to visiting as well.
I realise I have committed myself to starting a new quilt by joining SAL and a thought has just struck me--- when am I EVER going to have the time to do all this???

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Love Bears All Things said...

My sister once commented to me that she didn't have time to read as I do....I told her we both had 24 hours in a day and it is up to us what we do with I like having some stitching to do in the evening as I sit with my husband...I try to visit blogs in between other chores and do my posts first thing in the morning....its exercise that I don't seem to fit in but that's probably because I don't enjoy it. I do like to take a walk when weather much to see and photograph.
Good luck,
Mama Bear